Contemporary, stylish,
garden storage solutions

Making your garden as useful as your home, allowing you to relax, work and play in through the very best in innovative, design-led solutions.

A wide range of accessories and add-ons
to make your storage even more effective.


Everything kept neat and tidy and a lifelong free of maintenance with this classic design from Biohort.

thinking outside
the box

Are you looking for a garden storage solution that combines functionality and space with a stylish, contemporary look? Here at Garden Life Online we are very pleased to present the Biohort range of products that not only offer high quality, precision built, maintenance free solutions but which also add a unique and stylish look to any garden space.

make it your own
build it your way

2O year Guarantee

Thanks to our hot-dipped galvanized and polyamide coated finishes, the metal remains durable for generations. This is the reason we can offer a 20 year warranty on our products!


Withstands strong winds up to 150 km/h


Unaffected by sun and rain for years


Withstand a snow load of 150 kg/m²